Project managment consulting


As the project manager of LIMS Labware, I have two phases of the project: The first one was to install American Labware LIMS into French facilities : 2019-2020.

The second phase was to transfert the LIMS systems from MSD to Fareva and build an entire new system : 2020-2022.


The first phase includes all steps of a LIMS project : Study all the Requirements, indentify GAPS, install hardware and find local partners, manage the project, ask for budgets, and train all the keys peoples.

The second phase was a bit tricky, I need to rewrite all the requirements from the MSD LIMS to Fareva LIMS and change the DBMS for Oracle to another. This phases include all the steps describing above, with more technical steps.


A three years mission in Project Managment, LIMS specification, Qualitys. I have trained the team in order to be autonomous.

Thanks to Caduceum for the first mission and @Jean Francois Falcon.

Thanks to @Sandrine Marie and all the lab team for the second mission.


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