An RFID tracability dataplatform


The platform objective was to trace all the steps during the serilization of orthodontics clamps.


Firstly, the customer have found the right way to include RFID tags into clamps. Two tags were inserted in ordre to be sure to have one accurate read.

In a second step, we choose to integrate CAEN RFID Reader into a platform allowing us to retraive the tags

Finally, we handle all the process of cleaning for clamps : cleaning, temparature sterilisation, put sterizaled clamp into big bag.

The dock was connected thought 4G in order to be mobile and work in every environment.


The Proof Of Concept platform was created with CAEN Reader, Raspberry PI, 4G router and hosted beetween 2020 and 2022.

This traceability platform help the customer to handle the process quality of orthodontics cabinet.

Thanks to Visian


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